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School Holiday Programs ICAS and NAPLAN Preparation

Holiday Hubs

During school holidays throughout the year, we have intensive and special classes for students (from Foundation to Year 12) who want to have extra study sessions, depending on their learning goals and plans. 

NAPLAN Preparation Program

  • The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy refers to an annual national numeracy and literacy assessment of young Australians in years 3, 5, 7, and 9. Governments, education authorities, and schools can use the results to gauge students’ academic readiness for higher learning.

  • NAPLAN is unlike any other high-stakes test that children have to prepare for at the end of the term as it assesses the skills that are developed over time through the school curriculum, not just through the preparation of the exam.

  •  Enrolling your child in a NAPLAN prep program can help them hone the skills that are assessed in the exam, the very skills that they need to go further in school and in life.

  • Our NAPLAN Programs are offered during school holidays, even a year before the students sit on the exam. 

  • For fees and schedule, please contact us. 

ICAS Preparation Program

  • ICAS preparation will guarantee that your child is aware of the test’s purpose and structure. It also aids your child’s understanding of the testing and examination process, allowing them to perform at their best throughout the exam.

  • Our ICAS Programs are offered during school holidays, and we highly suggest that it is done a year before the students sit on the exam. 

  • For fees and schedule, please contact us. 

What is ICAS?

The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools, or ICAS for short, is an independent, skills-based assessment program. ICAs recognises and rewards student achievement in areas such as English, maths, science, spelling, writing and digital technologies. The series of tests are designed to match and test skills that are learned in the school classroom.

These tests are updated annually to ensure that they accurately measure levels of understanding and capabilities in different subject areas. The tests are reviewed by experienced teachers to ensure that accurate assessment of students’ skills and relevance to classroom topics.

Students in over 20 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the United States participate in ICAS each year. Each test is sat at the student’s school and is invigilated by teachers under normal examination conditions.

Why does ICAS and ICAS preparation matter?

ICAS is a test that is used by schools and teachers to better understand what each student can and can’t do at a given point in time and to help track student progress from year to year. These exams are used as a component of testing a student’s overall academic achievement for a particular year. ICAS can also be used as a placement test by some schools. Preparation for ICAS will ensure that your child is informed about the purpose and structure of the test. Additionally, it helps your child to understand the testing and examination procedure so that they can perform at their best during the examination.

ICAS Results and Rankings

Students who undertake the ICAS test are ranked based on their percentile in each year level across every participating state (Australia) and country:

  • Top 1% of students receive a High Distinction
  • The next 10% of students receive a Distinction
  • The following 25% of students receive a Credit
  • The next 10% of students receive a Merit Certificate
  • All other students receive a Participation Certificate

ICAS provides a reporting system that is easy to use and gives the opportunity for parents to view their child’s individual results. You can also view the performance of the school your child is enrolled in. The reporting system is online and can be accessed using a code provided by your child’s school.

The report provides a summary of results for all year levels at your child’s school, a year level summary, student results in each year level and a student response analysis for each year level. This gives you great insights into how their kids are performing compared to their peers, locally, nationally, and globally.

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