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Program for Year 7 to Year 12

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This is a special program for Year 7 to Year 9 students. Classes onsite are held every week, on a Termly basis, for 60 – 90 minutes. However, since we also do personalised plans, some students are enrolled twice a week, depending on their learning needs and goals. 

life-long learners
  • Our comprehensive lessons are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum, so it’s exactly what our students are learning at school. This reinforces what they’re already learning and helps them prepare for homework, projects, assessments, and eventually for VCE subject selections. 
    • Each session is delivered by passionate and registered teacher, as well as highly experienced  and qualified tutors who specialise in each subject and has a perfect ATAR score or has 40+ ATAR score in their chosen subjects. 
    • Our owner and teacher is also a qualified Careers Practitioner, and a member of Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV), so we can also help in guiding our students in subject selections, and pathway them in their chosen careers and universities.  
  • We offer very small and highly personalised group classes – normally with 2 to 3 (maximum) students in class. 
  • We give weekly homework and end of term assessments. Homework is highly advised to be completed throughout the week or set on certain days within the week, so students can develop study skills, confidence, and study habits. Moreover, these help us collect data to track our students’ goals and learning plans. 

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